Cedar Creek Fishing Charters
Our fishing platform is the extremely seaworthy Playcraft 2400 Pontoon boat.  This boat has proven itself to withstand heavy wind and remain stable during trolling.  We pull three lines during our trolls...one from starboard, one from port and one aft.  We can also pull teasers along with the fishing lines.  There is plenty of room on board for four anglers and equipment.  For fly fishing, it is the best.  It has plenty of room side to side for the most demanding fly fisherman.  The boat is fully equipped with GPS, two VHF radios, flare and rescue kit, PFDs for 15 passengers, towing lines, dock lines, two depth finders, Eagle Fishmaster sonar/fishfinder and an emergency medical kit.  This boat is also an Operational Facility for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, which means that it is more than adequately fitted out with advanced safety and rescue equipment.  Our fishing gear is all Penn and Shimano.